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Importance of Raising Your Concrete Slab

It is very common for concrete to settle over time. Poor soil conditions, tree roots, poor compaction and poor drainage can all lead to concrete settling. Raising your concrete can mitigiate many of these problems. Below are some of the primary reasons to raise your concrete.

repair and raise concrete


Uneven concrete can pose safety hazards including tripping. Avoid unnecessary liability by evening out your concrete.


Your concrete can usually be raised for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Concrete raising is much faster than replacement and is ready for use within a couple hour of completion.


Unlevel concrete can cause unsightly cracking.

Home Value

The appearance of even concrete is much more desirable to potential home buyers.

Structural Damage

As concrete slabs settle over time, structures sitting on the slab will crack and settle as well causing potential damage.

Water Damage

Settled or Sunken driveways can become a reservoir for water causing considerable foundation damage over time.


Preserve your existing concrete rather than donating it to the landfill.